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Promissory Notes: Money Making Methods; Invest in Income
by Lawrence (Larry) Tepper

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Tapping into over 35 years of mortgage note and promissory note business expertise, Larry Tepper shares mortgage note concepts, problems, and solutions that a note investor or a note broker will encounter.

To achieve success in the note business you have to learn to recognize the opportunities for success and the risks of failure. This book is written to help investors learn and understand an investing discipline largely unknown to many investors; consequently it is significantly underutilized.

Investing in discounted promissory notes is not a “mainstream” investing plan, but it can become your “cash-flow machine.” Investing in discounted promissory notes is a potential “sleeping giant” cash-flow generator.

All of the articles in the book are guides to increasing cash income and recognizing the risks that exist. All articles were originally written separately, as free-standing discussions of specific topics. Each article can be read individually and quickly put into practice; there may be overlapping concepts among the articles, but each has a central theme that contains an important investing topic, concept, or investment warning.

Investing tips, red flag warnings, and words of wisdom are contained in each article. Each article is written in plain English, avoiding unnecessary technical language. The book’s Appendix contains Glossaries, Key Word Definitions, and Key Phrase Definitions that will broaden your understanding of this investing tool.

All of the tips and concepts covered in the articles apply to all promissory types — real estate mortgage notes, business notes, divorce notes, secured notes and unsecured notes.

This book should help the reader avoid mistakes; this amounts to providing a serious business education. Normally, getting educated is time-consuming and potentially expensive. This book reduces the time and expense needed to gain an understanding of risks and rewards that will be encountered. It offers concepts and examples of business procedures that should be followed to succeed in the note business.

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About The Author

Lawrence (Larry) Tepper

  • Law Degree /Accounting Minor University of Denver
  • Colorado Managing Real Estate Broker Specializing in Promissory Notes
  • Certified Commercial Investment Member Designation From National Assoc. Realtors


Over 35 years of personal experience in all facets of the mortgage note, promissory note and cash-flow industry

  • Appraised, valued and advised on over 300 mortgage notes and promissory notes
  • Purchased and managed over 100 mortgage notes and promissory notes
  • Serviced notes – collected payments, handled collections, initiated foreclosures, etc.
  • Brokered mortgage notes and promissory notes
  • Used promissory notes and mortgage notes in exchange for real estate
  • Personally invested in promissory notes and mortgage notes since 1971

Lawrence Tepper

Colorado Managing Real Estate Broker representing buyers and sellers utilizing “creative financing”, property exchanging, sale and lease-back financing, as well as traditional real estate mortgage loans.

Business Opportunity Broker representing buyers and sellers utilizing seller carried financing evidenced by promissory notes and mortgage notes.

Product details

E-book: 142 pages
Publisher: Lawrence Tepper and The Paper Source Press; First edition (July, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9780684803357