Roth IRA Exploding The Myths: To Convert or Not in 2010 2nd Edition

An easy to read book that tells what a Roth IRA is and who should have one. This book (only 112 pages) will also help you make more informed decisions and benefit from the IRS misconceptions, relating to Roth IRA’s. You will find helpful answers to : * Why you should convert and how you can potentially avoid paying any income tax on the conversion. * Why the IRS misconception is good for you! * How by saving in a Roth IRA, you may have more money than saving in an IRA or 401(K). * How you could potentially pay less tax on Social Security income if you have a Roth IRA vs. IRA or 401(K). * Why some people oppose the Roth IRA. * How you can use a Roth IRA for short term savings and have access to your money without penalties or taxes…you just need to know one little rule. This book will help you discover the truth about the 13 myths surrounding the Roth IRA plan : 1) Some believe it’s too good to be true. 2) Most think a Roth IRA is an investment. 3) Many think Roth IRA’s are only good for young people. 4) Others have told them that if they are over 60 years old, they are too old. 5) Some believe they cannot trust the government to keep its word. 6) Many think their taxes will go up. 7) A few think their taxes will go down. 8) Some say, “I don’t want government to get any of my money now” (even though some people would pay no income tax at the time of conversion). 9) Some say, “I don’t want to pay tax on it now. If my kids pay more taxes on it, I don’t care; that’s their problem.” 10) Others have said, “I did a big spreadsheet; it doesn’t make sense to do a Roth IRA conversion.” 11) Many do not want to do a Roth IRA because they believe that it was their Roth IRA that lost money in the past (although they lost money because of how it was invested, not because it was set up as a Roth IRA). 12) Many do not want to tie up their money. 13) Some believe they have to pay tax on it (again).

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