Roth To Riches: The Ordinary to Roth IRA Workshop

The scholar of the dollar, John Bledsoe will make Roth conversions simple in this exciting one hour workshop. You will learn how to determine whether to convert from a regular to a Roth IRA with only two questions in less than sixty seconds. John will also cover the most common Roth IRA myths. This DVD is great for financial advisors as well as financial laypersons with large IRAs.

John Bledsoe entered the life insurance business specializing in estate planning in 1988. Since then he has qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table’s Top of the Table every year. The Top of the Table represents the leading ΒΌ of 1% of all insurance producers in the world! In 2002 John began a new career as a full-time speaker, trainer, coach and consultant to the financial services industry. He works closely with several of the largest securities and insurance companies in the nation because of his production expertise.

Mr. Bledsoe has written over 1000 financial articles for newspapers and magazines and is the of three books : Roth to Riches, Texas Living Trust, and Rock-Solid Estate Planning. He is currently writing his fourth book, One Turn Away, which is a study of the super wealthy and why they are successful.