The New Commonsense Guide to Your 401(k): Rebuilding Your Portfolio from the Bottom Up

Since the credit crash, investors have been searching for answers as 401(k) accounts have suffered unprecedented declines. Not only have markets been tumultuous but new regulations and concerns regarding hidden fees have been introduced to an already opaque area of investing.

Despite the severe economic retreat in 2008-2009, one thing hasn’t changed : 401(k) accounts—because of their tax benefits—are still the best way for most people to invest for retirement. Mary Rowland breaks down how they work, why they’re still a smart investment, how to keep an eye out for hidden fees, and why now is the time to start reinvesting in your retirement.

As the former personal finance columnist for the Sunday New York Times and the author of three books on investing, Mary Rowland has extensive experience covering the issues that 401(k) investors face when they consider how to best prepare for retirement.